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Illinois lawmakers have enacted laws criminalizing burglary (entering a building intending to commit a crime inside), home invasion (entering an inhabited dwelling and causing injury or using or threatening force while armed), and trespass (entering a person’s property without permission). Some of these crimes carry very stiff penalties.

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Intent to commit a crime

In order to convict people of burglary, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they entered the building with the intent to commit a crime inside. In most cases, the defendant’s illicit intention can be inferred from the circumstances, and the prosecutor is not required to establish exactly what was going through the defendant’s head. For example, if two people break down the door of a home and take a television and laptop, the jury could infer that the people entered the home to commit a crime. Even if police stopped the people before they escaped with the stolen goods, they could still be convicted of burglary (and attempted theft). The crime of burglary occurs as soon as the defendant enters into the building or vehicle with the illicit intent, even if the intended felony or theft never occurs.

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