Arrested in Chicago, What do I do?

Chicago Criminal Defense Law – Arrested in Chicago FAQs

What’s the Order of Events After Arrest?

The timeline may go as follows:

  • The defendant is arrested.

  • The defendant is taken to the police station and booked.

  • After booking, the defendant may be offered to option to pay bail based on a schedule of common crimes—for example, $500 for a nonviolent misdemeanor. If the defendant accepts this option and pays bail, the defendant is released.

  • If the defendant is not offered a chance to pay a scheduled bail payment (or chooses not to pay), the defendant must wait in jail (or a holding cell at the police station) until a court hearing typically, an arraignment.

  • At the arraignment, the defendant may enter a plea and the judge will set bail (or allow release without bail, known as “OR”). The defendant may pay bail at that time or any time thereafter.

  • If the arraignment does not occur within 48 hours, the defendant will be given a bail hearing (or in some cases a special hearing to determine if there is probable cause for the charges). The defendant may pay bail at that time or any time thereafter.

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