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Josh Adams has successfully defended individuals charged with state and federal crimes in the Illinois area. Serious offenses, such as financial crimes, robbery and drug-related charges fall well within the strengths and abilities of Josh as a criminal defense attorney.  Below are some of the different areas of practice that the firm can assist you with.



Generally speaking, white collar crime encompasses non-violent, largely financial, commercial, or business crime (frauds, swindles, embezzlements, and paper theft). White collar crime also includes individuals’ attempts to evade, conceal, or obstruct justice through, for example, lies to investigators, destruction of documents, perjury in official proceedings, attempts to compromise evidence, and even environmental crimes.White collar crimes are complex and involve an overwhelming amount of documents, contact Attorney Joshua Adams for your legal defense today.

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Charges under this heading include corruption, bribery, domestic violence, assault and theft. I’ve been able to expertly defend clients who have been charged with these offenses.

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If law enforcement conducts a search of your home or car without proper authorization, your rights have been violated.  In my practice, I’ve successfully defended numerous clients who have been charged with a crime based on illegally obtained evidence and have had success in suppressing this evidence.

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State and federal drug and narcotics charges often stem from possession, distributing manufacturing, and/or trafficking controlled substances. When a federal or state government classifies a certain substance as “controlled,” it generally means that the use and distribution of the substance is governed by law. Controlled substances are often classified at different levels, or “schedules,” under federal and state statutes. The consequences of a conviction for a drug charge vary significantly depending on a number of factors. Contact Attorney Joshua Adams if you have been charged with a drug related crime today.

  • Possession

  • Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Trafficking

  • Cultivation

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Josh Adams is a Chicago criminal lawyer who has successfully defended individuals charged with state and federal crimes in the Illinois area. Serious offenses, such as weapons and gun offenses need a serious and experienced Chicago criminal lawyer.

State and federal weapon and firearms charges encompass many different offenses. Charges often include the possession, use, distribution, and sale of a firearm or deadly weapon.

In some cases, simply being in possession of a firearm or other weapon will be considered unlawful because the offender is a convicted felon or does not have a permit. Other cases involve the use of a weapon in the commission of a crime, such as armed robbery or aggravated assault.

  • Unlawful Possession

  • Firearms Trafficking

  • Unlawful Import-Export of Firearms

  • Fraud in Obtaining a Permit to Purchase or Possess a Firearm

  • Use or Discharge of a Firearm in Violent Crimes

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If you are under investigation for an internet sex crime, it can be especially difficult. It is embarrassing to endure the public scrutiny you may face due to the allegations. Attorney Joshua Adams had led successful defenses for internet sex crime cases. Contact Mr. Adams today to discuss your options.

  • Possession of Child Pornography

  • Distribution of Child Pornography

  • Solicitation of a minor

  • Other Computer Related Sex Crimes

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This is another area where laws and statutes are both very intricate and complicated. Knowing this, I have the expertise to grasp what’s necessary in order to arrive at your very best defense strategy.

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A fair and proper trial is the right of every individual charged with a crime. Just because you have been convicted of a crime, your case does not necessarily end. If you have been wrongly convicted or if you believe you were given the wrong sentence, you can appeal the court’s decision. Even if you were found not guilty and acquitted, you can still petition the court to seal or expunge your criminal records. Contact Attorney Joshua Adams today for a free consultation to discuss which options may be best for you.

  • Petition for a new trial

  • Petition to reduce sentences

  • Post-conviction petition

  • Petition to seal criminal records

  • Petition to expunge criminal records

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